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EID Mubarak

Company LLC BEL TFI Wishes you EID Mubarak and May God shower you and your respcted family with his blessings and gifts. May the spirit of EID al Fitr illuminate your path and lead you to righteousness. EID Mubarak!

Best Regards
TFI Co. Holding

Industrial Press Brake - Abadan Model

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Abadan – Press Brake Machine 

Press Brake Capacity Table

 TFICo Model NumberCapacity PressureLengthCNC Model*
1K63T2.5M063 Tons2.5 MetersE21
2K63T3.2M063 Tons3.2 MetersE21
3K80T2.5M080 Tons2.5 MetersE21
4K80T3.2M080 Tons3.2 MetersE21
5K80T4M080 Tons4.0 MetersE21
6K100T3.2M100 Tons3.2 MetersE21
7K100T4M100 Tons4.0 MetersE21
8K125T3.2M125 Tons3.2 MetersE21
9K125T4M125 Tons4.0 MetersE21
10K160T3.2M160 Tons3.2 MetersE21
11K160T4M160 Tons4.0 MetersE21
12K160T5M160 Tons5.0 MetersE21
13K160T6M160 Tons6.0 MetersE21
14K200T3.2M200 Tons3.2 MetersE21
15K200T4M200 Tons4.0 MetersE21
16K200T5M200 Tons5.0 MetersE21
17K200T6M200 Tons6.0 MetersE21
18K250T4M250 Tons4.0 MetersE21
19K250T5M250 Tons5.0 MetersE21
20K250T6M250 Tons6.0 MetersE21
21K300T4M300 Tons4.0 MetersE21
22K300T5M300 Tons5.0 MetersE21
23K300T6M300 Tons6.0 MetersE21
24K400T4M400 Tons4.0 MetersE21